For several years now I have attended John’s strength class early on a Wednesday morning. In the last twelve months I have also had a one-on-one strength session with John, about once a week. It is amazing how much can be accomplished without machines, basically using body weight with simple props (eg tennis balls, stretch bands, plastic plates) which enhance the efficacy of any exercise whilst ensuring that the proper form is maintained.

John is sensitive to the circumstances of the individual, whether those circumstances result from a previous injury, or are a function of ageing or a health episode. Each exercise can be performed in a range of ways which adapt to each person’s strength and fitness. John is also meticulous in his care for each individual to minimise any injury risk. For example, he constantly advises how back strain can be avoided by paying close attention to correct form.

The benefits of the classes include the pleasure of feeling fit, the acquisition of a strong core so important for everyday activities and the shedding of flabbiness. The classes also assist me in maintaining my flexibility yet do not in any way lead becoming unsightly and muscle-bound.

In addition to the health benefits, John’s classes are enjoyable. We are all in the same boat when we are doing any particular exercise and there is a great deal of camaraderie. Whilst we may complain while we puff and pant, there is a special sense of achievement in being able to complete a sequence. Many of the people that I have met during John’s classes have become good friends. I cannot speak more highly of my respect for John and his teaching methods. He is also a great role model for those who are wanting to enhance their fitness.

Robin, 70s, Canberra

I’ve been training with John for about 18 months now, and I am so much fitter, stronger (I’ve never been able to do a chin-up in my life before now!), balanced and ache-free. I started personal training a year or so after having my second child because I had lost a lot of core strength and it was causing other minor aches and pains. I had always done a fair bit of running, but now wanted something more ‘all-of-body’. Gaining overall strength and flexibility seems to have cured the other aches and improved my running as a bonus.

What’s great about John’s training is that he designs a program that perfectly suited to you – what you want to achieve and that matches your abilities. His programs are constantly changing to keep them really challenging interesting, and always give you a well-rounded work out.

I’ve enjoyed training with John far more than other programs I’ve done. He uses very little equipment (nothing you can’t carry with you) and instead utilises your own body weight. So you can easily practice at home too. He focuses on doing things well and with strength, rather than lots of reps that can lead to injury. And there’s none of that PT shouting! John is always encouraging without being loud or pushy.

John has also been great about fitting around my often-crazy work-family lifestyle. I wouldn’t have been able to train consistently if he hadn’t been so flexible.

Sarah, 30s, Canberra

I love John’s classes. He is a wonderful encouraging teacher who plans the classes superbly so everyone is extended and develops all their capabilities, no matter what their age, their health, their strength, their limitations, their pre-existing injuries. And all of us have a lot of fun.

I am much stronger, have better balance, and am more flexible than I was when I began his classes. I know how to move and lift things safely. I’ve made new friends and laughed a lot.

So go to a class with John if:

  • you want to have better balance in 1 month or 1 year’s time than you have now
  • you want better posture
  • you want to be able to stretch and bend and move your trunk and limbs more easily (and gracefully)
  • you want to get stronger even as you get older, so for example you can keep travelling, lugging a suitcase up the stairs of old railways stations or quaint hotels throughout the world, much more easily than you can now
  • you want to know how best to move to protect and strengthen your body
  • you want to learn easy things you can do at home or at work, without any special exercise equipment, that will increase your strength and flexibility
  • you already do things like running, cycling or walking briskly and you want to strengthen your core muscles
  • you want to get those endorphins flying around.

Sandy, 60s, Canberra

I have not been to John’s classes for a while now, on any regular basis, since I have been away from Canberra a lot. And I can share my experience that NOT going to the classes leaves me much less fit, much more tired!

Still, on the odd occasion when I do manage to get to a class, John (like everyone else in the wonderful group) welcomes me, includes me, is totally supportive and non-judgmental about my doing whatever I can in the classroom. I love it, and always return from the class feeling happier and more positive about my health.

I know from past times when I went regularly to John’s classes that he encourages everyone to push their limits every class, he makes the classes full of fun activities so that I never felt I was doing hard work (even though I was indeed being constantly cheered on by John to compete against myself). His morning classes left me feeling energetic all day, and the evening classes ensured a good night’s sleep.

Valli, 60s, Canberra