Personal trainer John Travers runs one-hour strength and mobility classes in O’Connor and Weston Creek, Canberra. These classes combine body weight exercises with strength training and stretching in a unique and novel group fitness environment. You will be motivated to achieve your fitness goals, increase your strength and improve your posture!

Increasing your strength makes every day physical activities easier, gives you greater balance and stability, and improves muscle and bone density. It also increases your metabolic capacity, aids weight loss, reduces blood pressure and helps relieve pains like back aches. Best of all – it’s fun!

These classes are suitable for all fitness levels. John ensures each person works within their comfort level and modifies exercise accordingly. You will be encouraged and inspired to work to your full potential in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment!

Boost your health and fitness by joining John’s classes and exercise the fun way! If you’re new to John’s classes and would like to find out what it’s all about, come along for a FREE trial session. Contact John to secure your place today.

GROUP CLASSES: Term 4, 2023

11 October – 14 December, 2023 (10 weeks)

O’Connor Uniting Church Hall
Corner of Brigalow and Scrivener Streets, O’Connor.

 1- Strength and flexibility                  Wednesday                        7:15am-8:15am                  
2- Strength and flexibility          Thursday                    6:00pm-7:00pm            

Price:   $180 for the 10-week course (consisting of 10 x 60-minute classes).Cash or EFT.

Weston Creek
11 October – 13 December, 2023 (10 weeks)

Uniting Church (Genesis Hall)
16 Parkinson St, Weston

‘All-in-One’ Strength, mobility and stretching         Wednesday                       5:30pm-7:00pm          

Price:   $220 for the 10-week course (consisting of 10 x 90-minute classes). Cash or EFT.

Cash or EFT
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